Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Worst Is Over

The basting, that is.

I do not like it, Sam-I-am.
I don't like basting. No-o, ma'am.

I pulled out a UFO this week, a zigzag baby quilt I had started last year and then shelved when the mother-to-be found out she was having a boy, so a little switcheroo in plans was made. This quilt seemed gender-neutral-enough to me in the beginning, but then my overthinking kicked in and, well, a UFO was born.

There is nothing like being in the middle of one project to drive me to immerse myself in another. So earlier this week, I cobbled together a backing. Last night, I whip-stitched some batting scraps together, and this morning, I commenced to basting.

This hairspray? The bomb spray adhesive. Inexpensive, too. You want to be sure to wash your quilt when it's done, of course. Oh, and your floor.

Of course, I pin baste as well. I don't know that I'd necessarily have to, but overkill comes naturally to us overthinkers.

You know, there should be a warning about basting: Consult your physician before beginning a quilt basting project. Especially if you're pushing 50, you delicate flower.

The squats! The lunges! The stretches! Jillian Michaels, are you listening? Quilters could be your next target demographic. Throw in some sprinting between fabric shops and there's your aerobic component.

So there you have it. A quilt is basted, my floor is mopped, and my glutes are burning. Pass the Advil, please.


  1. That hairspray doesn't gum up your sewing machine needle? If it doesn't, I've got to get me some of that stuff!! I've just been trying out spray basting, and I absolutely love not having safety pins in the quilt - it seems like it quilts up so much quicker, and it's lighter, too! But the spray-baste is expensive - so I'd love to know about a cheaper alternative! (By the way, I use my clothesline outside to spray mine, which works great on calm days - but it's kind of tricky on windy ones!)

  2. Pretty, pretty, pretty! I think this one could have been appropriate for a boy, but I like the one you made too, so it's all good. :-)

  3. I just pin and it works out pretty well. The only part I hate about basting is when I prick myself 92 million times, but otherwise it's a joyride.

  4. Firstly, you should get your husband to video you next time you baste a quilt and release your own quilter excersize DVD and get rich off it.

    I love your quilt. It's striking. Doesnt it feel good to get a UFO almost finished?

    I've never spray basted a quilt (That stuff is 17 bucks a can here )Maybe I can find an alternative Aussie hairspray that'll do the job!

  5. Hairspray? Interesting. I would have never guessed you could combine hair products with quilting.


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