Sunday, May 2, 2010

Desperately Seeking Suntan

Today was a gorgeous spring day, and after finishing the Dresden plate block this morning, it was high time to crawl out of the basement cave, otherwise known as my sewing room, and into the sunshine.

And you may need sunglasses for part of this post coming up. It was short sleeve weather and the first day I have bared my arms outdoors in 2010. The whiteness is truly blinding. Consider yourself warned.

Norm and I walked along a limestone ledge. This is the best time of year to visit this particular park, in my opinion. The spring wildflowers are in bloom, the foliage is a lovely new green and not too dense, and the mosquitoes haven't started swarming yet.

The trillium were gorgeous. There are loads of them this year.

Don't know what this is, but it's cool looking.

There are all sorts of caverns in the limestone.

Rock fest in progress:

The view from one of the overlooks:

Brightness Alert:

I apologize.

I want to know who stole my arms and replaced them with Bavarian Weisswurst?

To my friend B. in Munich: Was it you? P.S. - Send mustard! :)


  1. looks lovely :) nothing like a walk in the spring sunshine! a few more of those and your arm brightness will have toned down lol

  2. That pale skin look you have going on is very Nicole Kidman.(Too much tan turns you into a saddle bag with eyes)

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. We are in the middle of autumn and it's getting so cold here. Tomorrow is only going to be 60F.

    " I want to know who stole my arms and replaced them with Bavarian Weisswurst?"- This wins my comment of the week..I'm laughing so hard.

  3. Just FYI, that flower you couldn't identify is Columbine. Nice flower, will grow in shade, so it's one of my favorites (we have lots of trees)!

  4. Such a beautiful walk! I'm wondering if the mystery flower could be some sort of columbine?

    Ah, you should not be ashamed of your ivory skin. Gorgeous!

  5. I agree with had me laughing. Then I looked in the mirror and realized I look like that all the time.

    Where were these pics taken?

  6. Oh, I used to be such a sun worshiper with CopperToned arms. Now I'm CopperNotSoToned with Spf#1000 SunBlocked white. Thanks for sharing your walk in the park and the lovely flowers and Rock Fest pictures. I did the same last week in the wildflowers of Central Texas. It's just the thing to do this time of beautiful and inspiring...I'm ready to knock out another Dresden Plate. Enjoyed seeing yours and the tutorial. I haven't made one in a long time and I am inspired by yours...Sue

  7. Wow...what a beautiful area to take a walk! You really had me laughing with your arm comments :-)
    Have a great week.

  8. It is a very pretty area you guys went through. It reminds me of Northern Michigan. The Trillium are really pretty flowers.


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