Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If It Smells Like Pine-Sol...

...I must have been basting.

Using hairspray to spray baste means I have to clean the floor afterward. No big deal, really. What's a couple more minutes on my hands and knees?

I started this table runner in February. The fabric had been in my stash for a looooong time, and I just wanted something I could practice stippling on.

Well, it got set aside, but I dug it out the other day, determined to finish at least a couple more UFOs or WIPs or whatever you want to call them. Unfinished bid-ness.

Plus, all that free-motion quilting practice I was going to be doing? Yeah, right. It hasn't happened. At all. This table runner will be official practice. I hope I have sufficiently lowered your expectations.

Gotta work this afternoon and evening, but I'm hoping to get it quilted tomorrow and bound on Thursday. That's the plan, man.

Do you read Post Secret? I had to smile at this postcard this week. That would have been good to know when I was 16 with no prom date in sight. I like the email comment somebody added on the main page too.

And these gals are looking good this week, head and shoulders above the other flowers:

Irises beckon,
lofty lovelies,
ephemeral garden guests.

(c) PPH (that's me), 2004


Michelle said...

Such a pretty runner! You showed off that beautiful floral perfectly.

Ooh, I love iris. Used to grow them when I lived in the midwest. Thanks for showing off yours. :-)

GaAm said...

I love that runner. Those colors are fantastic!

Shay said...

P...you can't practice free motion - because if you do I'll be forced to try some myself. Ive been saying "I'm going to practice " for about as long as you have , and when I dont I think "Well P hasnt either". Please dont take away my excuse for not practicing.

Or maybe if you learn I can send you all my stuff that needs free motioning?

Is this comment too odd? You totally get that I'm joking right?

SueWis said...

I do love the runner. And my yellow iris are at their peak right now, too.


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