Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dresden Plate, Take Two

I got a second Dresden plate done this week, this time with all contemporary fabric, no vintage. I am thinking I'll make two throw pillows. My daughter volunteered to give them a good home (hers) when they're completed. She also suggested a corded edge, which would be lovely, but I don't think it's going to happen. What may happen, though, is a zipper closure. I've never done one on a pillow before, but it seems like a handy thing to have, and would make it easier to remove for cleaning or if she wants to switch to something else down the road.

Pardon the skewed colors. I had to take pictures inside; it's rainy and cloudy today, so the colors don't look quite right. The green is less pea soupy or lime infused in natural light, as seen here.

There are enough cut pieces remaining for one more scrappy Dresden, the fate of which is undetermined at this point. A table mat, maybe? A mini-quilt or doll quilt? Other ideas?

I'm linking to Kristen at So Happy, host of the Dresden Plate Sew-Along. She's got a great tutorial going on over there. Check it out!


  1. I really like how yours turned out. It was cold windy and rainy here the middle of michigan today so I know what you mean about the crappy weather to take pictures in.

  2. Great dresden plates! I love the colors and fabrics. And I don't have any great suggestion for what to do with your one remaining scrappy Dresden, but I will say that they seriously remind me of a skirt I made back in the early 70's out of men's ties - they flare out the same way. So all I can see is a doll skirt or dress! Give me a while, though - I'll probably come up with something else....

  3. The second one is as beautiful as the first. Lucky daughter to be getting such lovely cushions!Or is she hopefully wishing?

    P.S. I've always been too gutless to do a cushion with a zipper closure. Zips and I are not great sewing mates.

  4. How lovely! Really great fabric combos. Maybe you can make a pot holder with the left over dresden plate? Have fun!

  5. These look great! Do you know they make fusible cording called Wrap 'n Fuse Piping? It runs $5 for about 2 yards. I am not sure how it works, but its suppose to make the process easier!

  6. Beautiful! If you've find you have an extra, I would also volunteer to give it a good home. :-)

  7. Is that...gulp...purple?!

    Love it!!!



  8. ooooh I want that lavender fabric. These are lovely. I should try somethign like these for my throw pillows.


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