Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Random thoughts during the first hour of stippling my table runner:
  • OMG, where am I going?
  • Polyester batting may not have been the best idea.
  • Why can't I keep an even speed?
  • My stitch length can do 0-6 mm in 1 millisecond!
  • Perhaps I should have watched that Free Motion Quilting Basics DVD...
  • Draw your hand, draw your hand!
  • Draw a flower, draw a flower!
  • Anything resembling a curve, maybe?
  • Oops, I did a loop-de-loop.
  • I need a rear-view mirror on this thing.
  • And people do this for fun?
  • Are these the same people who have one-hour labors and give birth without drugs?
  • I wish I could have gotten the top off the Frangelico this morning.
  • OMG, where-am-I-going, where-am-I-going, where-am-I-going!!
  • Fast or slow? Make up your mind already.
  • Never mind, I have no control either way.
  • Polyester batting sucks.
  • Practice makes perfect?
  • Practice makes poopy.
  • Oh, this is pure ----!
  • *Cackling!*
  • There is no way that alcohol should NOT be involved in this.
  • I am so straight-line quilting the next thing...


  1. LOL! Yep, that sounds about right. Hey, I think you've got it now! :-) If you keep at it though, I promise it will go from merely terrifying to somewhat funly terrifying like a roller-coaster. (And yes, I know funly isn't a word, but I couldn't think of any other way to express it.)

  2. So funny - and yet I feel your pain! Having now quilted with both hair spray and quilt basting spray, I think I can safely say that FMQ might be easier for you with the quilt basting spray - it holds better! I've got one more in the stack for straight line quilting, then I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and do some FMQ on the last one - so I will be joining you in your misery!!

  3. Michelle: Merely terrifying to somewhat funly terrifying? Well, at least I've got that to look forward to. :)

    Sarah: You're probably right about the spray. Especially with this batting, the hairspray is not holding too well.

  4. Hey P , I just got up.

    Laughing before my first coffee is finished is not something I usually engage in but I couldn't help myself with this post.

    Pictures lovey , we want pictures.

    And I'm only enjoying this so much because it'll be my turn to be making these comments shortly but you can assured I'll have the vodka bottle well and truly open before I start.

  5. Oh this was way toooooo funny. Thanks so much for the belly laugh. Maybe you could start a random thought thingy for everyone to do on their blogs. Cause I know I do the same thing, and sure everyone else has crazy thoughts going through their minds while quilting.


  6. When I got to "where-am-I-going, where-am-I-going, where-am-I-going!!" I had to stifle a laugh so as not to interrupt E's TV viewing. I was picturing the machine kind of getting away from you and the drastic efforts at recovery. I had kind of a Lucille Ball image for a moment. It's still making me chuckle.

  7. Hahahahahahaha! Yep, pretty accurate description. I do prefer straight line quilting, but like to stipple occasionally. And I find myself tensing up while stippling, but I am much more relaxed when straight line quilting. I still make myself stipple, though. Making myself work outside my comfort zone I guess.

  8. I love it! Your comments are a perfect description of the process! FMQ has terrified me for years because I can't even doodle on paper. I can just picture myself behind the "wheel" in each of your comments. Before I try it again, I will definitely have some alcoholic beverage help--to bolster my courage, and free my inhibited geometiric nature.


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