Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And the Winner Is...

I put the names for the fabric giveaway in my handy dandy retro tea canister, gave it a shake, and let my trusty assistant/husband draw the winner...

Sarah Craig wins the 1 yard of yellow floral vintagey fabric!  

Congrats, Sarah!  I know you will put it to good use in one of your many projects.  I'm only sorry it couldn't be a GO cutter, but maybe this is just one stop on a big lucky streak for you.  I hope so! 


Everyone who expressed an interest in this fabric—Michelle, Jane, Sue, Vicki, Mrs. Pyjamas, JKP, Jenny,  Sew Here We Are, and SewLindaAnn—is also getting 1/2 yard each!  

Why?  Because I like you!  And seriously, what am I gonna do with the remaining 9 yards otherwise?  Share the joy, I say.

Please email me your mailing addresses.  You can find my email in my profile.  Congratulations to all of you lucky winners!

I should mention this fabric does not appear to have been prewashed.  I will give it a light pressing, but anything else you want to do to it before you use it is your call, of course.

And to everyone who takes a few moments out of the day to read this little blip in the blogosphere, I sincerely thank you.  Your comments are always welcome and brighten my day!


  1. P., you are a seriously awesome lady! Isn't sharing fun!

    xo -E

  2. Congrats to all the winners! (I can't believe how many give aways you do! Every time I check your blog, you're giving something away.) :)

    Happy quilting!

  3. Congrats to Sarah and everyone else, too! That's so sweet of you to share it with so many!

  4. thanks so much! you are so generous.

  5. P., you are so funny! Thanks for the fabric - and what a great idea to share even more!

  6. You are so absolutely awesome and generous!

  7. Oh P this was such a lovely thing to wake up to this morning. You're so sweet. Thankyou!

  8. Thanks...I was excited to get your email!!!

  9. Many congrats to Sarah for being the "big" winner, but now you've made us all winners. Thank you!


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