Sunday, August 1, 2010

Various and Sundry

Do you ever go back and look at your blog and think, gee, I thought I talked about a whole lot more than that? I'm thinking maybe I should do a once a week random post, sort of a brain dump of the bits and pieces not worthy of a whole post, but noteworthy nonetheless.

Last weekend I saw the movie Inception and proceeded to be blown away, in an action- and suspense-packed, well-acted, slickly-filmed, and mind-twisting way. (And could I have any more hyphenated adjectives in that sentence?) If you have not seen it yet, GO. Definitely the kind of movie you want to see on the big screen.

Although all the actors in this movie are stellar, I have to admit a movie-star crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt. All grown up and fine. I loved him in last year's 500 Days of Summer. After that, I had to go rent The Lookout (another good, if obscure, movie). In all honesty, he is the main reason I even wanted to go see Inception. He sort of reminds me of Heath Ledger and a little bit of Keanu Reeves, but with superior intellect and actual acting ability. And he's so cute, I just want to put him in my pocket. What's that? He's 20 years younger than me, you say? Shaddap.

Mad Men fans will know the season premier was this past week. Did anyone else notice the turquoise Pyrex casserole in the Snowflake pattern? Peggy's boyfriend was holding it as they stood outside Don's apartment. And is it me, or does anyone else just want to slap Don Draper? I'm not talking about the way that he apparently likes to be slapped, either. Sheesh. (I wonder if that's why they wrote that bit into the story line?) But my favorite male character in the series is Roger Sterling. He gets the best lines, I swear.

We did some thrift shopping yesterday, and I came home with various things, including some Pyrex. A gravy boat, which I actually needed since I have been using a creamer as my gravy boat. I know, right? How sad is that? But no more, I now officially have a gravy boat and it's Pyrex. Pass those taters!

The other Pyrex piece was a divided dish (shown up top) in a yellow wheat-looking pattern that I haven't researched the name of yet. For two bucks, I didn't care that it was missing its lid. I have others that'll fit.

Also these cute tea-related items. The cup was brand new with its original sticker still on it. The aluminum tea canister was just too mid-mod cool!

Found some gorgeous pale turquoise fabric for 50 cents, about a yard of it. This photo does not do it justice, unfortunately. It would make beautiful pillows, I'm thinking.

Both Norm and I were drawn to this old school desk at Goodwill. Three bucks. It is one heavy-duty, solid piece of construction. I'm debating about whether to sand and restain it, or paint it (and what color?). Any suggestions?

My sister turned in her game project this past week and blew her instructors so far away, they wanted to give her extra points. She sent me some pictures of the final game board, the case I'd made for it, and all the pieces.

Can you tell she has a fine arts background? She illustrated this entire board herself!

Well done, Nita! You've got that ace in the bag.

Good thing I'm between sewing projects at the moment. The window installers will be putting in the basement windows this week, so I've got to make room for them to do their work in my sewing room. I'm off to clean and move things!


  1. Wow! You did pick up some great finds this week. I can't believe you got that desk/chair for $3.00.

    And Nita's game board? Outstanding! I'll say way to go! Cool you could make the "envelope" for her. That was a terrific contribution.

    I like your brain dump day. Hmmmm. Brain dump Sunday? ;-)

  2. Lots of fun things to read today! I haven't seen Inception yet but my son said it was a "must see" movie. I have to admit that I haven't been to a movie for a couple of years now. We seem to always wait until it comes out on DVD.
    Your sister's game board was amazing! It's no wonder she blew her instructor's away with that project.
    Have a great week.

  3. OK, girl! You're right, Inception was great, and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt is a cutie - I hadn't noticed he looked like Heath Ledger before, but you're right! Your Pyrex is cool - I remember my mom having a divided dish just like that when I was a kid, and it was always missing the lid - think they break easier! i'm glad I'm not the only one who uses the creamer as a gravy boat.... I love your chair, and I would do something funky like paint all of it aqua except for the back rungs and the table, and paint those red! (Or be more classic with black and a color...)

  4. I always have to catch Mad Men on DVD a season later, but it's my favorite show! Can't wait to spot that Pyrex! :)


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