Sunday, August 1, 2010

Five 'til Fifty! - Giveaway Day 1

Welcome to Five 'til Fifty! Five days of giveaways as I get ready to turn 50 on August 10th! I'm celebrating this week by sharing a few things with the community of creative people who inspire me, and that includes all of you!

Are you as excited as I am?

Mom, me, & my sister

Let's get this party started!

I saw this apron in the book One-Yard Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins, and just had to make one.

Isn't that ruffle cute?

Now just because it's being modeled by my petite mannequin Dolly here doesn't mean it won't fit those of us who actually need to eat. It fits me fine, and I'm a size 14. (I can't believe I just told you all that, but it's in the interest of public service.)

And I realize that not everyone is into the whole apron thing, so I'm going to say something here that may shock you. If you don't want to use it as an apron, by all means feel free to take it apart and use the fabric however you wish. Hey, I'm a practical gal, and you're not going to hurt my feelings!
It's made of 100% cotton quilting fabric which has been prewashed.

If you'd like a shot at winning this apron, here's all you have to do: Leave a comment on this entry. That's it! Just make sure you include your email address in your comment if it's not visible on your profile or if you're set to "no reply" or commenting anonymously. One entry per person per giveaway. You can comment on any or all of the giveaways through noon Central time on Sunday, August 8th. Winners will be posted Monday, August 9th.

I'm also going to share a little bit about me on these giveaway days. You can tell me one thing about yourself in the comments too, if you'd like, but certainly don't feel that you have to.

If you've been reading this blog, you probably already know that I've been married to the same guy for 27 years, and we have one lovely 22-year-old daughter who now lives on her own.

Here are some other very random things about me, in no particular order. I'm just going to number them as I go along. Maybe I'll get to 50 this week, maybe not.

1. I have a lot of photos from my childhood. My dad liked to take pictures of us with the sun behind him, which unfortunately meant we were often looking into the sun. As a result, I have the same goofy, squinty face in a lot of them.

2. When I was 3, I cut my own hair--short. This was right before a family vacation to visit relatives in another state whom we hadn't seen in a while.

Me (on R), sporting my first self-haircut.

3. I own a Flowbee.

4. I am allergic to cats. If I weren't, I'd probably have a couple.

5. Sometimes people might think I'm aloof, but I'm really just initially somewhat reserved, a bit self-conscious and awkward feeling around strangers. Those of you who have known me a while are probably laughing. I said initially.

6. I do not get the whole vampire thing.

7. I have extremely long arms and legs, which makes clothes shopping a nightmare.

8. I bruise like a banana (easily).

9. Probably 90 percent of the books I read are nonfiction.

10. I have read surprisingly few of the classics. I would like to read more of them.

That's it for now. Thanks for visiting, and come back again tomorrow!


  1. Happy Birthday! So sweet that you're giving gifts for your birthday!

    I just love this apron! Brilliant to have the ruffle at the waist instead of at the bottom!

  2. This is going to be a fun week! I love seeing all of your pictures. It's great that you have so many pictures of your childhood. Your Dad must have been on the cutting edge of photography because I'm your age and I don't have color photos of us until the latter part of the 1960's.
    I would love to be entered in the giveaway for the apron that would fit nicely on my size 14 frame too (rapidly creeping to a 16).
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. We just got back from MI. Wish we could have swung up into WI, even for a moment, just to stop by, have a quick chat, see how things are going. Traveling sucks, especially when you don't get to see everyone you'd like to see.

  4. Super-duper cute apron! Luv your pictures, the haircut is cute. Have a great pre-birthday week! Happy sewing!

  5. Love the apron, so much cuter than the cross stitch one I made years ago! This will be a fun pre-birthday week for you and your readers. lak

  6. I don't get the vampire thing either. I tried to read Interview With A Vampire and felt nauseous the whole time. Go figure!

    The apron is beautiful. I would be honored to be entered for a chance to win.

  7. Love your blog. Wish I had some of the creativity. kah

  8. Love the apron - that's one of my favorite "how to use up my stash" books! Your pictures look remarkably similar to mine (we are a similar age!) but my short haircut was inflicted by my mother, not me!

    So something about me - I have a wicked sense of humor, which sometimes gets me in trouble. Go figure! It comes naturally, probably inherited - once when I was little (8 or so), my dad set up a skeleton in his chair so that we'd see it when we got up in the morning - it had its foot propped up on its knee, just like my dad! You should have heard us squeal!

  9. The apron is darling.
    If I do not wear an apron I get the good all over me. They are great items to give as gifts as you are. Thank you.

  10. Seriously... I ditto the number 6. (I will not be forced to watch whiny weepy teen girl being almost bitten repetitively!) I think I had the same metal swing set when I was younger. (How long did they make those?) I am also size 14 and love that slimming ruffle!

  11. Those photos are simply precious!
    Hugs, Penny

  12. Just wanted to say what an adorable apron! It's too pretty to actually use.

  13. I love aprons and that one is just adorable!

  14. Ooh, beautiful work! Wish I could sew like that...

  15. Once again, brings back memories, my sister. I wish you the very best fiftieth, one year behind me. I really enjoy seeing the old pictures of us. Thanks for converting the old slides. I also love the apron for the ruffle at the waist instead of the hem, and for the colors and textile designs that are made for each other. You know me, I'm into aprons. They are signature feminine. We need to preserve our woman-ness. Love you always, Nita

  16. Wow! What a 'fifty if fabulous' celebration! I love how you're counting it down.

    Aprons are an obsession of mine, so count me in! Thanks so much for a great giveaway (or five).

    xo -E


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