Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just What I Needed

I got the backing done on the '30s repro doll quilt yesterday, got it pin-basted, and then went hmm...

Such is my typical reaction when I get to quilting something.  I lack the confidence in my FMQ skills, due primarily to lack of consistent practice.  Nevertheless, I sat down with a mini quilt sandwich (which doesn't taste very good) and tried doing a freehand daisy, and hahahahaha!  No.  How about if I draw it in pencil and practice following the lines that way?  Hahahaha!  And what is up with my bobbin thread?

So on went the walking foot, out came the blue painter's tape, and a-straight-line-quilting I did go.  However, I did decide to leave the white blank squares open for the time being.  You know, should the quilting gods endow me with the sudden ability to quilt a curve.

And then I paused to read my email, wherein Princess Pajamas, having pity upon my circumstances, provided a link that was most intriguing indeed.

Christina at A Few Scraps is having a quilt along for those of us who need to be forced want to learn/practice how to free motion quilt.

I am so there, dude.

P.S. - There's also a giveaway!


Michelle said...

What an awesome idea! :-)

Elizabeth said...

P., as you've seen already, I'm so there! Thanks!

xo -E

Shay said...

I'm doing it too...unofficially.

And thank you for addressing me as Princess. Now you must all bow before me...oops...sorry thats my other blog persona.

Sarah Craig said...

Hey, P.! Thanks for pointing me to this - I'm excited!! And, in case you haven't seen it, you might want to check out this Oh! Fransson post about loopy flowers - I found it to be a lot easier than you'd think it would be!

I've also found that if I run the machine faster, my curves come out much nicer. Speed makes a big difference, depending on what kind of FMQ design you want to achieve. Sometimes slow is better, other times, like on curves, speed helps. Good luck!!!!


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