Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Five 'til Fifty! - Giveaway Day 3

We're halfway through the Five 'til Fifty! giveaways, here on Day 3. I am really enjoying your comments and visiting some great new blogs!

Following up on yesterday's family photo, that yellow plaid blazer and skirt my mom was wearing was one she'd made herself. She was learning tailoring at that time, and this was one of her first projects. Pretty cool.

And here we are not quite 10 years later. We've all shot up in height (Mom was 6 feet tall, for reference). Russ is already sporting a mustache, and I'm not even sure he had his driver's license yet. We've all ditched our glasses for contacts, and nobody is squinting!

This was me the summer I turned 20. I spent that summer catching up on college credits since I'd partied too much had to drop a few classes the first couple years. Yep, I definitely knew how to Let the Good Times Roll.

But I will say that cramming Philosophy 101 into a 4-week speed course was definitely the way to go. All I remember from the class was the key theme that "you have no mind." This was a difficult concept for many students to grasp. I was not one of them. Especially considering the previous two years and the reason I was taking summer school to begin with.

Anyway, I had plenty of time to do other things like socialize and play guitar that summer. The acoustics in a concrete block dormitory are amazing. I also worked on my tan. Now, I do not tan well at all. But with daily, concerted effort to ride my bike out to the lake, slather myself with Hawaiian Tropic, and bake until I was just shy of sunstroke, I eventually achieved a mild glow. And now my dermatologist appreciates the business.

And then a couple years later, this guy showed up on his white horse red Triumph TR7 and drove away with me. After 27 years of marriage, he still drives me places, including fabulous destinations such as Nuts, Crazy, and Wild.

Let's talk about the giveaway, shall we?

Today we have a set of six ruffle note cards with envelopes, and two Alexander Henry black and white print fat quarters!

For one of my early quilts, a modified rail fence, I shopped for a fabric that would have kind of a retro vibe to it and would work with a couple vintage fabrics I was using in the quilt. I found this Alexander Henry "Arvika" print and did a happy dance! It remains one of my favorite stash fabrics. Due to my falling head over heels for it, I bought a lot. I was going to say "too much," but is there really such a thing when it comes to a great fabric? I think not. Anyway, I'm happy to share some with you today!

The ruffle note cards are from this Moda Bake Shop tutorial that I thought was just too cute. They're blank inside, perfect for accompanying a gift or jotting a note to keep in touch on a late summer day (or whenever). I don't know about you, but I still love getting a handwritten note via snail mail.

To enter the giveaway for these items, just leave a comment on this post. Be sure to include your contact email if it's not visible in your profile or you're set to "no reply" or commenting anonymously. One comment per person per giveaway.

All five of the Five 'til Fifty! giveaways will remain open until Sunday, 8/8 at noon Central Time. I'll post the winners on Monday, 8/9.

Good luck, and come on back tomorrow for a vintage themed giveaway!


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos.It sure brings back sweet memories of our 'younger' days! I'll be turning 50 soon...in a few years time :)

  2. Those note cards are adorable, and I love the black and white fabric. The family pics are great! I love your willingness to share them.

  3. Your photos make me laugh, because I could probably pull nearly identical ones from my old photos! Especially the one with the guitar - except my hair was lots longer than yours! Great giveaway goodies!!

  4. I somehow missed day 2 so I have to go back and view yesterdays photos. I'm really enjoying your photos and stories...since we're the same age I can so relate!
    You have such a wonderful gift of writing and telling a story. I am always entertained when I visit.

  5. I love all your photos from years past, you are so lucky your parents took lots of pictures of your family - I wish mine had! Thanks for sharing. lak

  6. Those cards are so cute!!!! I can't wait to make some to give at Christmas this year!

    Believe it or not, I was just looking at both of those fabrics yesterday....drooling really. I think they would make a great addition to my stash so I hope I win!!

    Thanks for having a giveaway by the way! So generous of you! That's something I want to do when my blog gets a few more readers.


    Happy Quilting!

  7. It's so fun seeing your old family photos. I can see why Norm took you away in his red Triumph. What a cutie.

  8. Goodness! I saw your comment on another post, was intrigued by "P" so decided to follow the link, and found a giveaway. I'd love to be entered! :)

  9. it would be rather hard to resist a Triumph I am thinking...and yes...well, I have been searching high and low for b/w AH Arvika print forEVER! how exciting to have a chance to win some!!

  10. 50 yrs and 27 yrs are both worthy of celebration - congrats!

  11. Those notecards are super cute! I love Arvika, it's one of my all time favorites!

  12. OMG! MY guy showed up in a TR3A 44 years ago this summer, and you got it - he's still driving me to the same places yours does!

    I just put pedalto the metal on my sewing machine, and I'd love to do that with these!


  13. Love the fabrics you used on the notecards. They are a fun combination.

  14. I'm just loving your photos and comments on them. LOL

  15. P., where have I been all your blogging life? Your projects are fantastic {had a peek at the modified rail fence and it's going on the bucket list.}. And speaking of fantastic {which is totally my favorite word}, your giveaway is the bomb! Count me in!

    xo -E


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