Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 2

Where to begin? I'm going to let the pictures do some of the talking today on Sunday Sundry, my miscellaneous post of the week.

There was a birthday to be had on Tuesday. My Dad treated me to lunch, which was very nice. Otherwise, Tuesday was pretty much a normal work day for me. Norm and I did go out to dinner Saturday, finally, to celebrate. Mmm...steak.

We had replacement windows installed in the basement this week. After the caulk fumes dissipated, I finally went down and started setting up my sewing room again.

I rearranged some things.

Made room for more music too.

I unearthed some old photographs that will become blog fodder soon.

Sometime last week, I lost my one and only potholder. I think it fell through a portal in the back of my kitchen drawer into a parallel universe. A universe in which I probably will find it and think, "Dang, this thing is filthy." Hopefully, it'll get laundered in the other realm and returned to me via the auxiliary portal located in the washing machine. You know, the one the socks use when they disappear.

I'll have to make a new one or two in the meantime. I guess the Universe wants me to actually sew something this week.

We did some thrifting today, and boy howdy, did we find some stuff!

A fabulous end table, or maybe it's a small coffee table. It's kind of low. Love that George Jetson-esque shape.

Zippers, a quarter apiece. I want to make some of those cool gathered clutches I've been seeing a lot of lately.

Pyrex. Blogged about over at The Pyrex Collective. Click the link to check it out.

Mugs! Fugly-fabulous!

But the bomb--which weighs about as much--was this blue beauty.

An all-metal, portable Royal typewriter. It came in a sweet case too.

The thing is pristine. From what I can determine, it's probably a late '60s model.

Did you know that on old manual typewriters like this, there is no exclamation point? You have to type an apostrophe, then backspace and type a period under it. Also, there is no number 1. You use the lower case L instead.

Sweet ride, huh? Not mine, unfortunately. It was parked at the bank. I hopped out of my Toyota to snap a pic.

Seems like there was more, but I think I've probably meandered enough on this Sunday Sundry drive today. Thanks for being along for the ride. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


  1. I really must get myself one of those pheasant guards. My cat is falling down on the job and I'm looking for a replacement.

  2. I just love your Sundry Sundays! I wonder if your pheasant guard could keep out the little fabric thief I've had running around my house...... She's short, but wily!!

  3. I know I'm late with my birthday wishes but I was an absentee blogger this past week and I totally missed your big day :-(
    Happy, happy birthday!!! It sounds like you celebrated much like I did on my 50th....a nice, quiet celebration.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. You and Norm found some pretty cool stuff during your thrifting. I had no idea that the older model typewriters had no 1 or exclamation point. Fascinating! Okay, I really like your fugly mugs. :-) The triangular table is really cool.

    Going off to read your Pyrex post.

  5. Forgot to mention...I love the picture of the cardinal. We don't have them here.


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