Thursday, August 12, 2010

City Scapes Quilt

Since my sewing room has not yet been returned to functional status after Monday's window installation, I thought I'd talk about one of my previous quilts, and its very special recipients.

After I'd finished piecing the Smoky Mountain Stars quilt, I pondered what kind of quilt I wanted to try next. Another scrappy, traditional quilt or something different? One day while browsing for ideas, I came across a pattern called City Scapes by Cherry House Quilts. I was immediately drawn to its modern feel and use of color. Lots of gorgeous blues and greens, a splash of lime--loved it!

This went together pretty well, except I had a little trouble sewing the rows (columns) together, as far as getting them all to match up properly lengthwise. The long rows are sewn vertically, and there are no seams to match or use as guides along the way. As a result, I was off a bit on the bottom edge, but hey, that's why rotary cutters were invented, right? A whack here and a zip there--close enough for rock and roll!

The pieced top then languished on my sewing room shelf for a year. I did other things. For any non-quilters visiting, this is how something becomes a UFO, or Unfinished Object. During this integral stage of quilt-making, the piece is frequently unfolded, inspected/admired, refolded, and placed carefully back on the shelf. I like to think of it as the critical aging process, like a fine wine. Of course, I hadn't thought of it that way until now, because I totally just made that part up. Except the languishing. That really happened.

Along about the latter half of 2009, I found out my friend Joe was getting married, which was very happy news indeed. He and I had worked together at a law firm for 10 years. Technically, he was one of my bosses, but in reality he was and still is a good friend and almost-brother. He quit the practice of law and moved to Montana several years ago, and I still miss the goofy guy like crazy. But he has found his bliss out there in Big Sky Country. Life is good.

Anyway, I thought the City Scapes quilt ought to be a wedding gift for Joe and his lovely bride, Stanette. I had it long-arm quilted with an allover design that I thought would look like wind blowing (through the cityscape, get it?). I was a little late in getting it to them (they were married in December 2009), but I finally finished it up in February of this year and sent it off.

Well, they loved it. So much, they sent not one but two sweet thank-you cards, one from each of them. :) I didn't know prior to sending it that Stanette is actually quite a quilt lover, which is awesome.

I'm so glad they're enjoying it, and enjoying married life together. I wish them all the best!


  1. Hello! I'm Cherri House, of Cherry House Quilts, and City Scapes is my pattern. Your quilt looks beautiful...very nice work! So glad that your friends loved the quilt. What a lovely gift.

    Are you on Flickr? I would love for you to add your City Scapes to my City Quilts group.

    All my best,


  2. It really does remind me of "city-scapes". Such lovely colors. Lucky Joe and Stanette.

  3. lovely quilt...and such a special wedding gift!

  4. I love this quilt!! So modern! Those solids are great!

  5. Beautiful quilt, and story! You ought to submit it to QuiltStory!!

    I love modern quilts for precisely the reason you mentioned - if it doesn't quite work out size-wise, you can just whack it off!

  6. It's beautiful and I'm glad Joe and Stanette loved it. Based on the pictures I've seen of their house (very modern looking) it should fit in beautifully.

  7. Love the quilt, what a wonderful gift. We still miss Joe here at the office - but it sounds like life is great for him and Stanette. lak

  8. That is so beautiful. I especially love the symbolism the quilting gives it! What a special wedding gift! P., you are awesome.

    xo -E

  9. Love the new look P! Your quilt is stunning. Seriously stunning.

  10. Fabulous quilt! I can certainly understand why they love it!

  11. That is just such a great story! It's a great quilt and no wonder that they love it.

    I wanted to let you know that I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out here

  12. what a beautiful quilt! nice work.


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