Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Five 'til Fifty! - Giveaway Day 4

This week is going fast, isn't it? It's already Day 4 of Five 'til Fifty!

If you're visiting for the first time today and wonder what this Five 'til Fifty stuff is all about, it's five days of giveaways leading up to my 50th birthday on August 10. Feel free to go back a few posts and see what's been going on Days 1 through 3. You may even enjoy a giggle or two in the process.

I've also been sharing a little about myself, along with some photos from years past. Continuing on the theme of family from one decade to the next, in 1990, this is what our own little family looked like.


Our lovely daughter was then and still is the greatest joy of our lives!


Today's giveaway incorporates my love for both sewing and vintage things. Apparently, I already had an appreciation for vintage at an early age!

As you may know, I've been collecting some more pieces of vintage Pyrex over the past several months. Recently, while I was pondering ideas for this giveaway, I happened to spy this single Pyrex cup at Goodwill.

I'd seen a tutorial for a teacup pincushion and thought making one with a Pyrex cup would be perfect. Unfortunately, I couldn't recall exactly where I'd seen the tutorial, so I just did a Google search. There were a lot of them, but the instructions were all similar--cut a circle, gather it up, stuff it, and glue it into your cup. Voila! Well, not exactly voila in my case, because I managed to break the gathering thread no less than three times. Ugh. But eventually...voila!

I made the six coasters using this tutorial from The Sometimes Crafter.

I happened to already have a 1-pint Pyrex casserole in the same pattern as the cup, and it was the ideal size to become a holder for the coasters. The fabric is "Frolic" by Sandy Gervais for Moda. I just love it, and I think it works well with this Pyrex pattern known as Butterfly Gold.

And speaking of Pyrex, I want to take a moment and tell you about a brand new blog launched this week call The Pyrex Collective. It's the brainchild of the fabulous Erin at Toronto Yard Sale Snoop. I am honored to be one of the contributors, along with several other amazing bloggers who share an enthusiasm for all things Pyrex. Be sure to check it out!

Back to the giveaway: To be entered for this Pyrex-themed giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post. Please be sure to include your contact email if it's not visible in your profile, or if you're set to "no reply" or commenting anonymously. One comment per person per giveaway.

You can also enter any of the other Five 'til Fifty giveaways by leaving a comment on any or all that you may be interested in, up until noon Central Time on Sunday, August 8. I'll post the winners on Monday, August 9.

Thanks so much for visiting, and good luck!


  1. Oh, I can finally comment, yay! You're so funny, and I love your photos. Plus I think I have that same one (on the left) in turquoise. So pretty!

  2. Way cool!!! I have the plates and bowls that match this pattern.

    By the way, you look very stylish in your hat, gloves and matching purse.

    Leslie ")

  3. Love the coasters you made...matches perfectly with the casserole :)

  4. You are a hoot!! Love the coasters, great idea. Thanks for the chance and best wishes for turning a half century in FIVE more days - woo hoo! You celebrate girl!

  5. Too funny - I'm using vintage pyrex, I have the dishes etc in the same pattern! I too really like pyrex, don't have a lot but what I do I use everyday. Nice family picture of the 3 of you. lak

  6. I like the old pics!


  7. Cute pics and cute giveaway stuff today too! I hope you're having as much fun coming up on your birthday as we all are!! All that Pyrex brings back such memories - it was a staple at our house when I was growing up and, you know what? I just remembered I have a piece here that I snitched from my mom's when I got married! It's just the right size for a dessert that I used to make - guess I need to make it again!

  8. That is such a cute giveaway! I love the pin cushion, it's adorable.


  9. your giveaways are such a blast! i love these pyrex ware...the new site sounds great, will need to hop on over there too!

  10. Just recently found your blog and I love the old pyrex too! I remember using both of those items as a kid.

  11. Great pics all. You're so darn adorable in your little black hat and gloves!

    Your Pyrex pincushion is so cute, and I love the coasters.

    Cool that you're a contributor to the new Pyrex themed blog. Should be a wonderful outlet for your "pyrexia". ;-)

  12. Ego boost for you: A.K.P. said, "she doesn't look 50."

  13. Terrific pincushion! Love the coasters...and the Pyrex-what can I say that hasn't been said before: Fantastic!!!

  14. Great idea on the Pyrex Collective, I hope to put together a blog post for it soon!

  15. P., having a good laugh at the vintage pyrex. That was the pattern my mom had for, like, ever. One year we replaced it for her. Who knew that it would later become something special? If I win, I know exactly where that pin cushion is going! Love what you've done with the Frolic. You're welcome.

    xo -E

  16. HI P- I received the package of handmade crafts and pyrex this week. Thank you so much! They're delightful and so kitschy. I love having new handmade things that I actually didn't have to make! :)~ Thanks again.... Katy


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